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Insurance Options


Your home is one of your largest assets. Your personal belongings inside your home are your life. Loss of either would be devastating for most people. Considering the risk, it only makes sense to insure your home. If you live in a condo, apartment or a house we will help you answer the question of “what coverage should I have?”

There are homeowner’s policies that cover fire loss, personal injury and vandalism to name some of the risk of homeownership. A well designed homeowner’s policy should obviously cover the home but can include Medical coverage to cover your guest if injured. It should protect all of your belongings and have special coverage for jewelry, antiques and art.

When you contact us we can review your needs and customize a policy that will meet your expectations.


We live in a society that expects most of us to own and operate an automobile. That being true, each State requires that you carry some level of insurance coverage. For most drivers the question is what coverage should I have?

Here are some of the decisions that drivers must make when purchasing auto insurance:

• Collision Ins
• Comprehensive Insurance
• Liability Insurance
• No-Fault Insurance

Auto insurance can be Basic coverage or Comprehensive coverage depending on your circumstances. It is very important that all aspects of your driving situation match the policy that you have. Get a quote from us to help you get the correct policy at the lowest price.

Boat & Watercraft

Owning a boat and watercraft can be a vacation highlight for the family and friends. Most boat owners also realize that ownership comes with serious responsibility. Making sure you have the correct insurance coverage is one of the most important decision of boat ownership.

Here are some of the coverage’s you must consider:

• Physical Damage Coverage
• Fuel Spill Liability
• Liability Coverage
• Navigational Coverage
• Wreckage Removal
• Emergency Assistance

The size of your boat and what you use it for and where you use your boat all have a bearing on what coverage you need. Let us steer you in the right direction.

Umbrella Insurance

Life is full of unexpected events. Generally these events happen and we get through them without too much impact on our daily lives. Sometimes these events have a completely different impact on our lives. The guest at you family party leaves intoxicated and has an accident where others were injured or you are involved in an accident that injures others and property. In each case you get sued and the lawsuit amounts exceed the maximum payout of your existing insurance policy. The lawsuit must be settled and now your personal assets are now in jeopardy.

It is obvious that in a situation like this you need additional coverage. An Umbrella Policy is designed to provide that additional coverage. The Umbrella Policy will pick up the added expense beyond what your auto/homeowners insurance policy coverage limits would cover.

Our job will be to help you identify how much exposure/liability you may have without an Umbrella Policy. We will then help you get the correct policy to meet your needs at the lowest price.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you are a motorcycle owner you understand the importance of having excellent insurance coverage. Your dirt bikes and ATV’s need to be covered also. We will provide you with multiple options from multiple insurance carriers. The advantage to you is that you get to pick the best policy and the lowest rate.

All motorcycle insurance policies are not the same. Here are some of the coverage’s you may want to see in your policy:

• Liability Coverage
• Medical Coverage
• Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
• Custom Parts Coverage

We understand that you want to make sure your motorcycle ownership is a simple and enjoyable experience. We make it a point to help you get the policy that will meet your needs and at the lowest price.

Life Insurance

In life we make many important decisions that may have a long lasting impact on the family. The purchase of Life Insurance is one way to insure that your long term plans have a positive impact on the family. The purchase of Life Insurance should be viewed with the same importance as purchasing a home or setting up a savings plan. It has to be an integral part of your life plan.

Life Insurance must be a part of your life plan and should be reviewed and changed to reflect the changes in your life. We are in constant contact with our clients to help identify coverage areas that need to be reviewed due to changes in their life plan.

Life Insurance is not complicated but it does require the client to develop / examine their present and future financial needs. There are multiple types of Life insurance:

• Whole Life Insurance
• Term Life Insurance
• Universal Life Insurance

We will assist you in identifying which type of policy would best serve your life plan needs. We have access to multiple insurance carriers that can provide many options to meet your needs at a low price.

RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicles (motor homes, travel trailers, horse trailers and campers) have become an exciting and important way the family enjoys time off. Like any other vehicle the family owns we must consider how to insure it.

Like any other vehicle you own here are some of the coverage’s:

• Liability Coverage
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Vacation Liability
• Roadside Assistance
• Pet Coverage

For as long as you own your Rec Vehicle we want to help make the experience enjoyable. We will help you put your mind at ease when it comes to the insurance needs of your Rec vehicle. That’s what you would expect and we deliver.



We try to make the process of obtaining information on your insurance needs as simple as possible. In most cases we can give you a great idea of cost. Please keep in mind that there may be multiple discounts that you may qualify for that can have a major impact on your individual cost of a policy. Trident General uses multiple insurance carriers to provide our clients the lowest cost products available. Give us a call to make sure you are getting all available discounts and the lowest price.